Lounge Chair Albert

Lounge Chair Albert

Code: 10078


W: 83cm (32.7")H: 73cm (28.7")D: 120cm (47.2")

From €2,900.00 without VAT

The Albert is inspired by the classic english "Howard Type" Chairs. Slipcovered Chairs and Sofas are a regular feature in the grand English country houses (There is one similar in Dowton Abbeys' Library). However, the simple and sturdy Belgian Linen Slipcover reveals the classic and elegant lines of this beauty and make this a very versatile, luxurious yet understated piece of furniture, updated for use in a more neutral environment. Can be made Made to measure, and remember, its is great for children too (we know this problem), as the slipcover can be taken of and washed!

We would imagine two of these infront of a fireplace, add a cashmere blanket, two chineses stools to place a drink and one of our Tulip ready lights- heaven!