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Near Pair of Chinese Han Lamps with Handmade Belgian Linen Shades


Code: 10212


W: 55cm (21.7")H: 54cm (21.3")D: 55cm (21.7")

A beautiful pair of unglazed Han dynasty style vases of very elegant baluster form. Expectedly mounted as lamps. High quality mount with a brass adjustable pivot joint. Shade handmade in Belgium. The vases are from Zhejiang, china, mount and shade are made in Antwerp.

These beautiful lamps are made in the same style as the old Han Dynasty Pots in  Zheijang, China. We also offer real Han Pottery Lamps, made of 200 B.C. Pots.

These lamps are all slightly different, but can be used as a pair, as we do. Linen shade in rough natural or a bit finer cream linen available. We also offer Made To Measure service.